Conference Schedule

Times of oral and poster presentations

Presentations at the conference will consist of keynote talk, invited talk, oral talk, and poster presentation (May 20 afternoon). Details on the time of each presentation will be announced later.


(The following schedule is temporary)

May 18 (Tue.):
12:00~ Registration, 13:00~ Welcome Address and Oral Session,
17:00~ Welcome Reception
May 19 (Wed.):
9:00~ Oral Session, 12:30~13:30 Lunch, 13:30~17:00 Oral Session
May 20 (Thu.):
9:00~ Oral Session, 12:30~13:30 Lunch, 13:30~ Poster Session,
15:00~ Excursion to Horyuji Temple, 18:00~ Banquet (at Hotel Nikko Nara)
May 21 (Fri.):
9:00~ Oral Session, 12:30~13:30 Lunch,
13:30~15:15 Oral Session and Closing Remark

The memorial session for Prof. Nakanishi, who was quite active in the field of organic nonlinear optics and passed away in April, 2019, will be included as a part of the oral session.