Guide for Presenters

Oral Session

Since this is a hybrid conference using ZOOM, on-site presenters are requested to copy the presentation file to the PC at the venue and present it (Presentations cannot be made using the PC owned by the presenter.). Please complete copying the file to the venue PC before your session starts. The PC at the venue is Windows, and only PowerPoint files can be used. When using a video file, please embed it in a PowerPoint file.

For online presenters, please make a presentation by sharing the screen via ZOOM meeting using the presenter's PC.

Poster Session

In order to share the poster template for onsite and online presentations, please create it in a horizontally long rectangular format (horizontal A0 for onsite). Please bring your printed poster for the onsite poster presentation (horizontal A0). Please refer to this template.

Your poster presentation will be assigned to either November 9th (Wed) or 10th (Thu). Poster sessions each day consist of an on-site presentation in the afternoon and online presentations in the morning and evening. Onsite presenters are requested to participate in these three poster presentations as much as possible. Online presenters are requested to participate at least one online presentation in the morning or evening in Japan time.

Online poster presentations will be conducted using ZOOM breakout rooms. The presenter should prepare a PC that can use ZOOM as well as Wi-Fi connection (If it is difficult to prepare a PC, please contact the secretariat in advance.). We have prepared a venue in Reception Hall 1 for online poster presentations, so please present at each presentation booth. The number of power outlets is limited, so please prepare with your PC charged.