An excursion to Kohfukuji Temple (National Tresure Hall and Eastern Golden Hall) and Todai-ji Temple(Daibutsu-den and Nigatsu-do) will be held on Friday, November 11th from 13:00 to 16:30. Please enjoy the National Treasure Hall, which was renewed in 2018, and the Eastern Golden Hall, where you can feel the charm of Buddhist art. A guide will also guide you through the Nandaimon Gate, where the statues of Kongo Rikishi stand, the Daibutsu-den (Great Buddha Hall), and Nigatsu-do Hall.

Please apply for the excursion at the venue reception during the conference period. An admission fee (1,500 JPY) is required separately, so please pay in cash at the time of application.

Schedule (November 11th (Fri))

13:00 Meet in front of Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall
13:00-14:30 Visit Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall and Eastern Golden Hall
15:00-16:30 Visit Todai-ji Temple
16:30 Dissolution in front of Todai-ji Nandaimon Gate